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A Skilled Lawyer Ready To Defend You After A Criminal Arrest

I will begin my discussion of criminal defense with some free advice: Do not discuss your criminal charges in detail with the police before getting legal advice. You may be tempted to introduce your own alibis or explanations, but I can assure you that doing so will not help your case. Police investigators and prosecutors are interested in obtaining convictions, not in helping defendants findless punitive outcomes. That is my job as a defense attorney.

At the law office of Adrienne M. Bucchi, you find the personalized advocacy that you need after a criminal arrest, accusations or the start of an investigation.

Types Of Crimes Named In My Clients’ Cases

I am attorney Adrienne M. Bucchi, and thanks to my years of service as a public defender and supervisor of public defense, I am well-equipped to represent you in your case involving allegations of:

  • Theft, including shoplifting, white collar crimes and other property crimes
  • Assault, domestic violence and other acts of violence or abuse against other people
  • Public nuisances, weapons and firearms offenses, the sale of fireworks, arson, criminal mischief and other public safety-related crimes
  • Driving or boating under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI or BUI)
  • Drug offenses, including possession, distribution, manufacture, cultivation or trafficking of controlled substances, including prescription drugs without prescriptions

If I provide legal counsel to you, I will make sure you understand the charges against you and defense methods that stand a good chance of succeeding. I will work closely with you to devise a strategy to which you are ready to give your best efforts.

Get Your Defense Started

I am ready to help you make intelligent decisions and take appropriate steps in pursuit of the outcome you are looking for in your criminal defense. Success in your case may be case dismissal, reduction of charges, probation instead of jail time or another outcome that leaves room for hope.

To schedule a free consultation with a Port St. Lucie and Okeechobee criminal defense lawyer, call me at 772-261-9975 or send an email inquiry. If necessary, I will meet you at a jail and help you post bail.

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