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When Domestic Conflicts Become Criminal Cases

Accusations of domestic violence are often the culmination of relationship tensions that bring out the worst in people. Being the target of domestic violence is frightening. It is also distressing to be accused or arrested on suspicion of domestic violence or abuse. Once law enforcement officers become involved, a private family matter can lead to jail time, a criminal record and other negative consequences. This is no time to just wish the problem away. You must take action to protect your good name and more.

At my law firm in Port St. Lucie, the law office of Adrienne M. Bucchi, you will find the caliber of advocacy that you need at a time like this. I am defense attorney Adrienne M. Bucchi, with qualifications that make me an ideal resource for you. I spent years as a public defender focusing on felony domestic violence cases in Broward County and the 19th Circuit. I have deep knowledge of both the interpersonal aspects of domestic violence and the legal processes that are part of an effective defense strategy.

For Your Own Benefit, Seek Legal Counsel Without Delay

If you fail to defend yourself promptly after being accused or arrested for domestic violence, you may lose access to your home or children in addition to serving time in jail. Even if your spouse, significant other or close family member who called the police to report alleged violent acts attempts to take back their complaint, your criminal case will likely move forward.

Domestic violence cases have increased in recent years, perhaps because of disrupted rhythms of life brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting shutdowns. Other factors may include the impact of the empty nest syndrome on baby boomer couples. Each case is unique. Whatever the triggers, domestic violence charges are distressing and impactful both for the accused and the accuser. You need an experienced and confident defense lawyer on your side if you are facing charges.

Turn Your Case Around

Get off the fast-track to harsh penalties and serious disruptions in your life after a domestic violence arrest. Are drugs, alcohol or mental health issues factors in your case? Learn about therapeutic and legal remedies that can prevent a criminal record while helping you address difficulties of these types. Are you named in a restraining order? Get legal advice about how to prevent an arrest based on allegations of violating that court order.

I am here to advise you and help you take back the control of your life. Call 772-261-9975 or send an email message to request a free consultation right away.

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