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Charged With DUI Or A Drug Crime? Act Now.

An arrest or investigation on suspicion of a drug crime or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a time-sensitive matter. If you are arrested for DUI, a police officer may take your driver’s license. You have a limited time to request a hearing to try to get it back until your criminal case reaches its conclusion. The administrative law side involving your driver’s license and the criminal defense aspect that may lead to a criminal record are separate but related issues.

At my law firm, the office of Adrienne M. Bucchi, I will help you take the immediate steps that can help you preserve or recover your driving privileges after a DUI arrest. At the same time, I can help you build a strong defense as you seek to prevent a criminal conviction and criminal record.

Beware Of Harsh Penalties In A DUI Or Drug Offense Case

A conviction for DUI can have devastating consequences, including:

  • Months or years in jail or prison
  • High fines in the thousands of dollars
  • Driver’s license suspension or revocation
  • A requirement to use an interlock device when you start driving again
  • The loss of your commercial driver’s license (CDL)
  • Damage to your reputation and, possibly, an inability to make a living or take care of your family

If I represent you in a DUI case, I will explore all avenues of defense, including challenging the validity or reliability of the blood, urine or breath test or field sobriety test that you took.

If you are accused of possessing, manufacturing or distributing controlled substances such as marijuana, cocaine or Oxycodone, I will apply aggressive defense methods to protect your freedom.

When Mental Health Or Drug Dependency Is Part Of The Picture

What if you could get a favorable outcome in your first-time DUI or drug crime case by addressing underlying mental health or addiction issues? This hopeful way forward may be within your reach through the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Mental Health Court program or the St. Lucie County Drug Court (DC) program.

These pathways may be available as diversion programs or conditions of probation. If you meet the conditions, you may resolve your case with little or no jail time and without a damaging criminal record.

Protect Your Freedom And Future In A DUI Or Drug Crime Case

Take advantage of my years of experience as a public defender and a private criminal defense attorney.

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